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Can You Boost Your Content Strategy By Using AI Content Creation?

Whether you are a content marketer or assigned to write content for multiple platforms, most likely content creation at least once came across your mind.

No matter what type of website you have, maintaining the fresh content flow is a prime goal to make it a successful task. As the number of internet users is rising, websites are also increasing. Following that, the demand for content is also peaking up. Now, if you are dealing with content creation, would you mind if the content writing can be done automate? I’m sure you will definitely give it a try. We are talking about AI content creation. Writing fresh and unique content not only by you. In this article, we will discuss creating articles, blogs, or any other type of articles by using technology.

What is AI content create?

AI which stands for artificial intelligence has become so much advanced. From the search engines to advance robots, from delivering your packages to drive cars, the technology has become so much sophisticated, that it can do such works that human effort will cost lots of time. Especially in the information technology sector, AI has played a significant role to make the internet more accessible and intelligent. Many developers have invented sophisticated technologies that help people streamline content creation. Content creation is not limited to writing articles or blogs, there are several other types of content are required in today’s internet world. 

If we take the current situation, there are so many good quality and advanced automatic content creation tools that can help you create the content that you are looking for. Not only creating content but there are also AI-based tools that help you create the content you need. 

Most of these tools have advanced algorithms which understand what you are searching for. You only need to enter the topic, the purpose, and other metrics. That’s it! These AI content creation tools are so fast that they can deliver you a whole article in minutes. 

What do these AI content generation tools offer?

Machine learning content creation tools typically come in a bundle of functionalities that is primarily focused on delivering high-quality, unique content with ease and fast. Let's see what these machine learning content creation tools do?

Help you create content with ease:

These AI-powered content creation tools help you create content for whatever purpose you need. You can generate a fresh article with it, create Google or Facebook ad content. They offer to create product descriptions for eCommerce sites, content for Facebook and Instagram posts, and many more. Suppose you need to create content for Google Ads. It requires a specific number of characters on the headline and the description. Google often changes those characters. These AI content creation tools stay updated with the latest changes and create the exact content that will attract more and more relevant buyers.

Article spinning:

Article spinning or article rewriting is also a typical task that AI content creation software does. When you take any article from anywhere and paste it into the tool, it recreates the content using advanced technology where the meaning remains the same. However, tools to tools the quality of the rewritten content changes, and it is not always up to the mark. But, it can save a lot of time on new article creation—people who run multiple blog sites mostly use these tools to update their blog sites frequently.

Helping writing the content:

Writing is not an easy job, especially when writing to land people to your website from the search engine. If your writing is not up to the mark, the search engine won't suggest it as result. Interestingly, Google and all other search engines also the artificial technology to showcase the result. Google algorithms are much more sophisticated and advanced. They check everything about your content. When you are writing an article, it may often contain punctuation or related grammatical mistakes. That often skips the human eye but not the technology. The AI-based content creation tools analyze your content and help you write copies that are free from any grammatical errors. 

SEO friendly content writing:

SEO which is the abbreviation of search engine optimization is a very crucial thing on internet content. Whether you are looking to create articles for your website or want to rank our website higher on searches, if your content is not SEO friendly, it might face lots of difficulties to rank. Especially when you are writing any blog post, these AI-driven writing tools work as an assistant to help you follow all the SEO rules. They suggest the important terms, placing internal links, that might be helpful to rank your article. People become experts on SEO by spending lots of time and effort. If you are new to this, these AI-powered content creation tools allow you do an excellent job with your content.    

Lert's see some top AI content creation tools that offer excellent service.

Jarvis AI:

Jarvis AI is an excellent copywriting tool that uses machine learning technology to deliver high-quality content for various purposes. UsePrtoof is behind Jarvi.ai, which has already acquired many other AI-centric firms like Headlime, ShortlyAI. They have lots of content and copywriting templates that help you create your content with an AI touch. This tool allows you to create,

Jarvis A I Copywriting Assistant Tool Overview

  • SEO-friendly blog posts.
  • Engaging Facebook Ads.
  • Product descriptions.
  • YouTube video description.
  • Content for bullet points.
  • Riveting headlines.

And many more. 

Jarvi is a premium copywriting tool that can be used for almost all kinds of copywriting. It offers three plans. 

  • Starter.
  • Pro.
  • Boss Mode.


The Starter plan is just for beginners that won't allow you to do much writing. You can generate only 20,000 words per month with this plan that is simply looking very low because people embrace AI writing tools to get maximum outcomes. 


The next one is the Pro plan, which offers unlimited words but costs more than the Starter plan. Here you can add additional users with extra cost. This plan allows you to create unlimited project folders.

Boss Mode:

Like its name, this plan gives you enhanced features to write 2x faster. This plan includes 2,000-3000 character look back, unlimited runs, and Jarvis Commands. This plan costs $119 per month.


Writersonic is the second AI content creation tool on the list. This tool is specialized in creating short copies of almost all sorts of. This tool can work in 24 languages, including English, French, Spanish, Italian, and many more. You can write content for

Writesonic A I Copywriting Tool Overview And Pricing

  • Landing pages.
  • Engaging headers.
  • Meta description of an article.
  • Facebook Ads.
  • Google Ads.
  • LinkedIn ads.
  • Blog or article intros and outlines.
  • Amazon product title and descriptions.
  • Short press releases.

And many more.

Besides the writing, this tool also offers grammar and readability checking options like the Jarvis.

This is also a premium tool, but you get a free trial. 

There are three plans available 

  1. Starter.
  2. Professional.
  3. Business.


The Writesonic Starter plan offers 75 monthly credits at $11.29 per month. The plan only limits your usage but does not bound on specific features. With this package, all the copywriting features are included. For the new marketers, who just have started, can choose this plan.


For small businesses and marketers who require enhanced functionalities can choose this plan. This plan offers unlimited credits to users. Only the Advanced features such as AI article writer, Blog idea explorer, these type of features have 150 credit limits per month. Also, with this plan, you get priority support.


This plan is suitable for medium businesses that require lots of content. That allows 1200 credits per month with the advanced features, and the basic features are unlimited. This package costs $202.05 per month.


Peppertype AI is one of the most impressive content generation tools that can be used for multiple writing purposes. According to the company, it has a 20,000+ user base, and on their website, you can see so many reviews from their customers. They offer services such as,

Peppertype A I Content Generation Software  

  • Blog topic discovery.
  • Blog outline.
  • Bullet point suggesting.
  • Social media post captions.
  • SEO meta description creation.
  • Creative Tweeter content.
  • Facebook Ad copies.
  • YouTube video description.
  • Amazon product title generator.

And many more

Peppertype offers only two plans.,Starter Plan and Growth Plan.

Starter Plan:

This plan is suitable for starters, and If you are an entrepreneur, working as a freelance copywriter, or have a small team, you can choose this plan. This plan costs $25 a month when you pay yearly, and offers,

  • Unlimited content generation.
  • team member adding(extra charges)
  • Active customer support.

And many more.

Growth Plan:

That plan is suitable for professionals who have many extensive requirements. This plan starts at $165 per month, and when you add more users to it, the cost also rises.

You get all the starter features into it. Moreover, it enables,

  • Access control.
  • Downloading the results.
  • Collaboration and sharing results.

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