WikiLeaks source Hammond held in contempt by grand jury

San Francisco, Oct 11 (IANS) Information activist and one time WikiLeaks source Jeremy Hammond, who had admitted to leaking stolen files from an intelligence company, was held in contempt for allegedly refusing to testify before a federal grand jury in the US.

“Today, in the Federal Court in the Eastern District of Virginia, Jeremy Hammond was found in contempt for refusing to answer questions posed to him by a grand jury,” Gizomodo quoted his support committee as saying on Thursday.

Hammond, 34, has been in prison since 2013 for hacking the Texas-based intelligence firm, Stratfor.

Hammond, an anarchist whose online activities were constantly surveilled by at least one FBI informant, was in contact with a WikiLeaks associate following the Stratfor hack.

The conversation was encrypted and not directly observed by the FBI, the Gizmodo report added.

WikiLeaks later published over 5 million emails stolen from the firm in a release it titled, “The Global Intelligence Files”.

The jail sentence remains in place until he agrees to testify.

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