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Why You Should Not Go For A Cheap eCommerce Web Development Company?

You want to start your online business and create an eCommerce website but do not know how to make one,  Don’t worry; it’s not an easy job.

Even if you have completed reading so many articles watching tutorials. Many people don’t have time on their hands and hire people or companies to make their eCommerce websites.

In this article, we will be talking about eCommerce websites. Due to the technology and internet revolution, lots of businesses have flourished. eCommerce is one of the businesses that has grown rapidly since after the internet boom. Not only Amazon or Alibaba, anything you sell online is considered eCommerce. As the number of online buyers is increasing in numbers, more and more businesses are creating their online stores. But, many people often face lots of trouble for going so cheap.

Well, developing a website is a service, and its pricing may vary from company to company. So, one may easily think about what the price of an eCommerce website is?

The pricing depends on the features you want to integrate into your website and many other aspects. However, when you search for a web design and development company, you might see some companies offers a surprisingly low price. There are many pitfalls for choosing a relatively cheap eCommerce development company. Below we are mentioning some issues you may face if you go for too cheap,

They give you cheap hosting:

Web hosting is a significant concern for all websites. Websites with higher functionalities, a high number of web traffic needs powerful and expensive hosting. Even most of the websites start their journey with cheap shared hosting, there are still lots of drawbacks to it, and when you are going to start your eCommerce website, it becomes more essential to choose high-end hosting.

Hosting is a major prospect where web designing companies reduce their costs but, the truth is using cheap web hosting for your eCommerce website is nothing but losing money and reputation. eCommerce websites need many additional plugins for showcasing the products, billing, and for many other reasons. If you use any beginner-level hosting, most likely t will get crashed or give your visitor a smooth web surfing experience anyway. That would cause a considerable loss.

You don’t get a genuine theme:

Website theme decides your website appearance and expected people interact with it. On the internet, there are three types of themes are available free, premium, and freemium. When you go for a cheap eCommerce website, you get mostly a free theme. But, most of the high glossy, eye-catching, and advanced functionality-packed themes are not free at all. You need to purchase them, and the fact is they are quite expensive. So, web development companies that offer websites at surprisingly cheap costs often offer free themes that lack features and functionalities. In many cases, you might get fooled by pirated versions. Pirated themes are quite similar to the pirated Windows. If the theme company wants, they can take action against you. Besides, you do not get any support for the themes and future updates with them.

You do not get the premium plugins:

Plugins are addons you integrate into your website for additional features. There are many functionalities you may require for various purposes to your website. There are many plugins available for free, and many are premium. But the most themes are freemium. For example, Yoast is the most popular plugin for your website SEO. It is available in both free and paid versions. The free version offers a lack of functionality. The premium version gives you all the required features.

However, the pricing varies from plugin to plugin and what features you are looking for. When you are paying so little for your website, chances are high you are getting a free version of the plugins for your site.

Security breaches may take place:

Not only eCommerce, but for all websites, security is the main part. If your website is not secure enough, hackers and spammers may attack your site and steal information and damage your website. But when you go for a cheap eCommerce development company, there is always a big chance for security breaches. They often make mistakes in coding, or there is a loophole that welcomes hackers. If your website structure is not well, there might be trouble for many reasons.

You might get a copy eCommerce website:

Another thing with cheap eCommerce web development companies is there is nothing new with them. One of the main reasons they can provide eCommerce websites at so cheap costing is that they do not develop websites for each customer. They actually buy website coding from various platforms on the internet or develop only a single piece. Once they get an order, they just change some color combinations or sometimes leave it the same. So, your shopping site becomes a copy of other sites. There are many sophisticated tools that pick up the design code of a website. What they do is they just take the coding, put it on hosting, and that’s it. It looks like a fully functional website, but actually, it is a static page. You cannot do anything with it.

You would get poor to no support at all:

As you do not know about web development and hired a company, you would require support for many reasons. Your website may face downtime, or any technical trouble might occur. In a time when visitors are landing on your site, if they find it is down, it would be devastating. You would require technical support immediately. With the cheap eCommerce development company, you don’t get any support at all. Once you purchased, you have to handle it on your own. Besides, if they agree to give you the support, the charges might be immense.

These are the drawbacks when you choose a cheap eCommerce development company. If you look at the long run, you will notice, you have to spend even more with these types of websites. Thanks for reading. Explore more articles,

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