Why Shabana Azmi is thankful to Naseeruddin Shah

Mumbai, Aug 21 (IANS) The legendary arthouse pair of Naseeruddin Shah and Shabana Azmi reunites for a film once again, but not as co-actors this time. Shah plays a pivotal role in the film Mee Raqsam, presented by Shabana Azmi. The film marks the directorial debut of her brother, veteran cinematographer Baba Azmi.

“Naseer has a weak back and he was laid up just before he had to report for the shoot in Mijwan. I was extremely nervous because the dates had been worked around (young actress) Aditi (Subedi)'s school holidays and they couldn't be changed,” Shabana recalled.

“Baba went into an almost Zen-like state, kept his calm, and said all will be well. Naseer kept his word to Baba made the long journey to Mijwan and gave an outstanding performance in the film. I will always be grateful to Naseer for this. What was wonderful is that his wife Ratna accompanied him and even took some impromptu classes with the girls of Kaifi Azmi School in Mijwan,” she added.

The film is about a Muslim father and his daughter who desires to be a Bharatnatyam dancer. While society and religious extremists oppose the girl's dream, her father stands by her against all hurdles.

Along with Naseeruddin Shah and Aditi Subedi, the film also features Danish Hussain, Sudeepta Singh, Rakesh Chaturvedi Om, and Kaustubh Shukla. “Mee Raqsam” is streaming on Zee5.



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