Sonakshi’s witty reply to fans curious about her marriage

Mumbai, March 23 (IANS) Bollywood actress Sonakshi Sinha shared her marriage plans with fans when a few of them showed interest in her personal life during an interaction on social media.

Sonakshi put out a message on Instagram for a question and answer session with fans, titled ‘Ask Sonakshi'.

Soon, fans were shooting off questions like, ‘When you are going t get marry' and if she would ‘marry her husband name' (meaning, if she would take her husband's name after marriage).

To the last question, the actress wittily quipped: “No will marry full husband not just his name”. She added: “Kaha pe milta hai yeh? Where can I get it? Koi bata do. ‘Ps: itni chinta toh mummy papa ko bhi nahi rehti'.”

The actress, who has often been fat-shamed in the past, was asked if she goes to the gym. To this she replied: “Nahi exercise karti hu/ I do not exercise”.

Another fan asked how is she managing the whole stay-at-home situation. “Bachpan se lekar aaj tak jese rahe ho vaise he.”



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