Rohan Joshi back on Insta after being offline due to trolling

Mumbai, July 21 (IANS) Stand-up comedian Rohan Joshi, who went offline for a few days after receiving abuses and threats over his old jokes about politicians and Hindu deities, has now made a comeback on Instagram.

However, his Twitter account is still deactivated.

On Tuesday, Rohan took to Instagram stories and thanked people for checking upon him over the past couple of days.

“Planned to stay offline longer but then Indian matchmaking came out..I appreciate the welcome back texts but I cannot respond to any that spell her name as ‘Seema’. Has this last week taught us nothing about respecting important figures. But also legit from the bottom of my heart a gigantic thank you to anyone who has texted and called in the last week to check how I am doing, your kindness is overwhelming. I went from feeling afraid to feeling strong very fast last week. Thanks to all of you except those people who called my number at 3 am just to harass,” Rohan shared.

Last week, abuses started coming Rohan’s way when netizens dug up old tweets in which he allegedly made defaming comments about politicians and Hindu deities.

“Going offline for a few days. Number and address have been leaked, so the last few days have been a circus of abuse, threats, 2 am phone calls and anxious spirals. See you on the other side whenever I guess. I’m sorry if I offended anyone’s sentiments with my words and I apologise without any qualifications and reservations for any words I have spoken that have hurt someone’s religious sentiments. Please leave my family alone,” Rohan had posted before taking a break from social media.



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