‘Pareeksha’ child actor Shubham Jha relates to his on-screen avatar

Mumbai, Aug 6 (IANS) Child actor Shubham Jha, who plays the protagonist Bulbul in the Prakash Jha-directed upcoming film, Pareeksha, says that just like his on-screen character, his father, too, works hard to pay for his education.

“I hope people understand the message we want to put across, and relate to the story of Bulbul and Buchi (Bulbul's father). My real life is somewhat synonymous to my character in the film. It is surreal to act like someone else, especially when we share the same story. My father works as hard as Buchi to pay for my education and there is not even a day he does not come home without a smile on his face. My biggest ‘pareeksha' in life is to make my parents proud. I hope all the Bulbuls in the world get a piece of hope as a takeaway from this film,” said Shubham.

The story of the film revolves around a rickshaw puller, Buchi (played by Adil Hussain), who is trying hard to give the best education to his son Bulbul despite all financial and social obstacles in their life. The film also features Priyanka Bose and Sanjay Suri.

Sharing how he finalised young Shubham for the central role in the film, director Prakash Jha said: “Shubham came to us through our casting director Shruti Mahajan. I instantly saw Bulbul in him. His sense of aspiration is just like that of Bulbul. Hence, he was a perfect fit for the character. Initially, we had no idea his story was this similar to that of Bulbul in ‘Pareeksha'. I am extremely proud that he passed another ‘pareeksha' in his life and that too with a great result.”

“He is the right example of hope for all young kids who have dreams and who aspire for good education” added the director.

“Pareeksha” releases on Zee5 on August 6.



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