Modicare introduced 4 Hydrating Mud Packs on Mud Pack Day

Mumbai: Mud has been attested with health properties since time immemorial. And its role in the cosmetics industry has been that of Hagrid in Harry’s life; it works like magic with its therapeutic properties. With the pandemic redefining our daily lives, we’ve started reprioritizing our lifestyle choices. Personal care and pamper hours are on the 2021 hotlist as we try to offer much-needed self-love to ourselves.

Joining this hotlist are the age-old Mud packs; we might have evolved from Multanimitti to Mud Therapy in spas, but it remains to be a soothing natural cure. As clay mixtures, they offer to heal properties by increasing circulation, releasing toxins, and treating the entire face and neck area.

And what more? Mud packs come with a myriad of ingredients, and there’s plenty of choices for all skin types. So, while we offer you the go-to mud pack list, go ahead and call your friends. Let your Mud Pack Party be full of Zomato orders and binging on Netflix as you let the pack do its wonder on your face.

Here’s 2021’s Modicare Mud Pack Day cart list to check your ‘be Muddy, not Moody’ vibe:

1. Fruit of the Earth Purifying Moor Mud Mask: Moor Mud is an ancient beauty favorite with the combined enrichment of nutrients, essential minerals, and potent antioxidants. Medicare's Fruit of the Earth Purifying Moor Mud Mask @INR 500 offers wholesome hydrating goodness as it’s wrapped with thousand plus year old black Moor Mud from Europe. In addition, it contains activated charcoal and Hijiki extract that allows our skin to purify, refine, decongest, and hydrate. It’s our go-to buddy to fight the sun, oily patches, fine lines, and a lot more to leave that youthful cheer alive. Cleanse your face with the Modicare Moor Mud Facial Bar before application and say marks, no more! with this power-packed skin cocktail combo. Set the timer to 10 and get your Moor Mud Regime rolling.

2. Shahnaz Husain Honey Health Mud Mask: Honey is an all-time favorite ingredient that gives us the comfort of experimentation. Shahnaz Husain’s Honey Health Mud Mask @INR 548 with its ayurvedic formula rejuvenates the skin balance. Fight against dehydration, dullness to get healthy and glowing skin.

3. Soulflower Herbal Clay Mud Mask Deep Pore Cleansing & Lightening: True to its name, this mud mask is truly a flower for the soul; if you’re looking for an instant facial at home then this is your pick. Soulflower Herbal Clay Mask @INR 680 provides a multi-targeted treatment for the brightening of the skin. Let it glow, fellas!

4. Fuschia Dare 2 Bare Mud Mask – Chocolate: Don’t we all want to dare to bare our natural selves? Not being defined by any filters. Fuschia Dare 2 Bare Mud Mask @INR 369 comes wrapped in ingredients like Cacao powder, oatmeal, white kaolin, and mint amidst others that offer our skin the much-needed soothing and repair time; go all out with that natural glow.

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