Kelly Rowland opens up on living in Beyonce’s shadow

Los Angeles, July 15 (IANS) Singer Kelly Rowland has spoken about her time as a member of Destiny's Child and how she felt about constantly being compared to bandmate Beyonce Knowles.

After “The Voice Australia” contestant Chris Sebastian admitted to feeling overshadowed by his older brother, Rowland shared her own experience, reports etonline.com.

“I know this feeling,” she said. “Can you imagine what it's like being in a group with Beyonce?”

“I would just torture myself in my head. Like, I can't wear this dress because they're going to say it's like B. Or I can't have a song like that because it sounds too much like B. They're gonna compare anyways,” Rowland added.

She went on to say that the feeling haunted her for “a whole decade”.

“I would be lying if I said no, it's never bothered me. That's bull,” The Voice Australia coach admitted.

“There was a whole decade, if I am being completely honest, a decade, where it was like the elephant in the room. It was the thing that would constantly be on my shoulder,” she said.

Following her girl group days, she continued her journey as a singer and released four albums.



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