Huawei launches Singapore’s first 5G-powered AI lab

Beijing, Nov 23 (IANS) Chinese telecom giant Huawei Technologies has opened a lab in Singapore which would provide a test bed for artificial intelligence (AI) development projects. The new lab would let schools, government agencies and firms to use the space to test out 5G applications.

Huawei said the lab offered proof-of-concepts, free trials, and offline AI development kits to facilitate research and development efforts in AI. Through the new facility, the Chinese vendor said it aimed to help cultivate a local AI ecosystem as part of Singapore’s recently launched national AI strategy, ZDNet reported on Friday.

Located at the company’s local office in Changi Business Park, the facility also runs on a 5G network and includes training sessions and workshops.

Meanwhile, aiming to to nurture 100 AI architects and 1,000 AI developers in Singapore over the next three years, Huawei also took the viels unveiled its “1+3+n” programme to be delivered through the AI lab, the report added.

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