Getty Images Acquired Preeminent Media Platform Unsplash

Stock photography website Unsplash is going to be acquired by one of the leading media company Getty Images.

Unsplash CEO Mikael Cho noted through the post that, through this acquisition, it is no by means that Unsplash is going to be shut down. He mentioned, ” Unsplash will continue to operate as a standalone brand and division of Getty Images. The entire Unsplash team will be staying and building Unsplash in the direction we have been. The main difference now is we have access to the resources and experience of Getty Images to help accelerate our plans to create the world’s most useful visual asset library.”

Unsplash is one of the leading, platforms that provides stock photos to, creators all over the world. For various purposes, every day tons of people come to the platform to get royalty-free stock images for various reasons.

According to the company, it has over 207,000 contributors and generates over 17 billion image impressions per month. They have a growing library of over 2 million photos.

Last year people downloaded two billion images downloads. With the new partnership, Unsplash to grow faster, with its future visions.

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