Google Cloud Print will be killed off in Dec 2021

San Francisco, Nov 22 (IANS) US based search engine giant Google has announced that Cloud Print, its cloud-based printing solution, will be retired at the end of next year.

“Beginning January 1, 2021, devices across all operating systems will no longer be able to print using Google Cloud Print. We recommend that over the next year, you identify an alternative solution and execute a migration strategy,” a support document for Cloud Print said on Thursday.

Devices across all operating systems, including Android and Chrome OS, will no longer be able to use Cloud Print.

Since Google has improved Chrome OS’s ability to natively print documents from the browser to a network printer, so there is no need for a Cloud solution in between, reported.

Cloud Print was launched in 2010 to make it easier to print documents from any Cloud Print-enabled app, like Google Docs, to a network-connected, Cloud-aware printer.

Google also pointed out that despite being nearly 10 years old, Cloud Print has never exited beta.

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