Facebook Launches “Star Fest” To Help Creators Get More Donations In The Festive Season

Social media giant Facebook, announces “Star Fest”, which will continue throughout December. For the whole month, Facebook is taking several initiatives to increase the earnings of the creators.

Facebook posted a blog to their website about that information. They have mentioned that the “Star Fest” celebration will continue the whole of December where they will be offering a bonus to double the earnings of the creators, limited-time sales on stars, creators competitions, and exclusive live stream events.
Facebook is likely to offer free Stars to the fans worth $3 million so that they can give them to their loved creators.
To offer more earnings, Facebook is testing the starts in videos on News Feed, the watch feed, and the gaming tab for now. In the next year, Facebook will start testing Stars in Reels too.
Another big update related to the Starts is, Facebook is launching a separate Star store where fans will be able to buy Stars using Facebook pay at lower prices. Previously, people used to buy starts from the Google Play Store in-app purchases. After launching the new platform, people now won't need to give charges to Google Play Store. As people will not require to give additional money to Play Store, they can purchase more starts at the same price.

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