Google Ads Introduces More Improvements On Image Extensions

Google Ads, the leader in online advertisements, adds more functionalities and improvements to its image extensions which are likely to offer more engagements to the ads.

Google introduced the image extensions to their search ads earlier this year with the aim to get more potential customers and to increase engagement. This time Google introduced some enhanced features that tend to make the image extension even easier to use.
Now advertisers will be able to showcase their brand with relevant visuals to the desktop customers too. previously the image extension feature was only visible on mobile devices but according to Google, in the next few weeks, advertisers could show their image extension to desktop devices too.

Advertisers do not need to do anything additional. After the rollout of this feature, it will automatically be shown to desktop users. Advertisers can check their performance of these ads through “Device.”

The next update is, now the dynamic image extension is available in any language. The dynamic image extension uses AI and selects an image from the tailored landing page from the ad. Once it is enabled, the ads show dynamically the most relevant ads from the landing page. In the past, this ad was available in English. Now, they are available in all languages.

The final one is, now advertisers can use stock images in their image extensions. Many advertisers gave feedback to Google, that image sourcing could be challenging for them. That's why Google now allows people to choose images from the searchable library of stock images, and they are free to use in Google Ads.

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