Extramarks launches NEET test prep app

New Delhi, Dec 3 (IANS) Extramarks, the leading education technology company, has launched a new version of the NEET Test Prep App, which will answer all the needs of students busy preparing to be future doctors.

It comes with several new and upgraded features, including the Extramarks Sessions. These sessions are live and recorded lectures, conducted by experienced faculty, with a long and proven track of producing top NEET ranks over the past many years.

The Extramarks Sessions are a combination of two kinds of video lessons – one, which address all the core concepts important for NEET preparation and second, which are focused on resolving doubts shared live or in advance by students.

Curated by top academic experts, the app simplifies NEET prep for students by bringing lectures home, thereby saving students the hustle of going to expensive coachings.

Extramarks has gained tremendous on-ground validation and experience for NEET mentorship through their Smart Coaching Centres, operational in several cities across India.

NEET, being among the most difficult exams in the country, with a low selection ratio, requires informed, time-tested and micro-guidance, unique to each student’s individual needs.

All the learning and success of the Smart Coaching Centres have been integrated into this app, which comes with features like micro-scheduling and downloadable notes, such that the student has a plan and resources ready to give a confident shot to the medical entrance exams.

Speaking on the launch, Ritvik Kulshrestha, CEO, Extramarks Education said: “Our app is an adaptive preparation platform. It integrates latest technology and expert pedagogy to build a learning environment which responds to the needs of individual students, while keeping in mind the rigour needed for the exam. We have worked hard on doing thorough research to provide students with good quality learning material and ample practice tests which match the actual pattern of the exam.

“In addition, while learning on our app, the student can take live tests which simulate the exam environment and generate peer ranking, so that the students can know exactly where they stand.”

The National Level Weekly Tests, innovated by Extramarks, have been very popular among students preparing for other exams, like the JEE.

Now available on the NEET Test Prep App as well, they help a student develop exam confidence, as well as build skills of time management. Using data-backed intelligence, the app generates reports which tell the students precisely their areas of gap, strength, focus and mastery.

Students can also access several mock tests and customizable chapter tests on the app. Trying to reach the maximum number of students, the makers of the app have created a bilingual platform.

The Extramarks Sessions are available in English and Hindi both – students can choose to view them in either, as per their comfort.

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