Cloud Storage Google Drive Is Now Called Google One, Coming To India

Google recently announced that they revamp and re-branding their subscription plans of Google Drive cloud storage and it is now called as Google One.

The Google One launched in the US last month, and now Google is all set to hit this paid storage service for their Indian users. In an official blog ( Google announces that the user who is using paid plans of Google Drive will automatically be migrated to Google One. Everyone in India will be able to use this new Google One in the next upcoming days.

Google one offers an upgrade option and expands storage. Google One also gets a neat mobile app that lists out account details and points out which family member of yours is hogging most of your cloud storage. You can use this storage to store your photos, videos, emails and other relevant documents like before. Also, Google One gives you the ability to share your storage with up to five family members under only one payment. This service comes with another service- live support.

At Google One you can choose storage from 100 GB to 30TB. As it is not launched yet in India, let’s take a look for the plans in the US.

For 100GB Google Drive storage plan is priced at $1.99(Approx Rs 143) per month. Then there is a 200 GB storage plan at $2.99(Approx Rs 214) per month. Google is shifting their 1 TB plan to 2 TB at $9.99(nearly at Rs 717) per month. 10 TB and 20 GB storage plans comes at $ 99.99(nearly at Rs 7211) and $ 199.99(Approx Rs 14,400) per month respectively. The topmost storage plan of 30 TB is available at $ 299.99(nearly at Rs 21,600) per month.

This is the first time Google is offering live support to all their users. Google One users are also entitled to the free one-tap access for diverse product and services.

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