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Best E-book Publishing Platforms For Bloggers And Individuals

These Platforms Are Best For E-book publishing.

If you are a blogger or an individual person and want to publish your e-books, then these e-book publishing platforms might be best for you.

In this era, people are showing less interest in carrying heavy books with them.  Large numbers of readers are reading books digitally. To gain knowledge there is no substitute for the books but, at the changing of generation the books are not limited on papers, glues, and bindings. Now a man can carry thousands of books on his pocket with some smart devices. A large number of people are now reading books digitally, on e-book formats. The demands of e-books are now very high because it is not possible for people to always carry books with them. However, in this article, we are going to tell you about some best e-book publishing platforms which can help you if you want to publish your e-book and want to earn from e-books.

Making money with e-books

If you are on the internet and often read various articles, visit many blogs, article websites, then you will notice lots of blog website offer some e-books. Especially if the website is providing information on any critical issue like solving any digital problem, tips trick about SEO, digital marketing, Affiliate Marketing, Website monetization and many more, they have e-book sections. There they sell their e-books related to their niches. It is a very profitable business for bloggers and website owners. it is now has become a trend and new way of gaining profit from their blog site.

Earn Money Online From E Book Publishing Platforms

But, hold on not only bloggers who are making money by selling e-books, many popular authors, writers earning tons of money from e-books. Mostly bloggers and sell books on their own blog. But, if you are an individual person and want to publish your e-books then where can you publish them? On offline you have to collaborate with book publishing companies. They publish your books. Similarly, there are lots of good e-book publishing platforms are available where you can publish your electronic book. Let's see the list.

Amazon KDP for publishing your e-books:

Platform For E Book Publish Amazon K D P

If you are looking for best e-book platforms then definitely Amazon will come up. Amazon is the biggest online platform for e-books. The Amazon KDP ( Kindle Direct Publishing ) is used by worldwide writers. KDP gives the royalty of 70 % percent to most of the territories and for the rest, they give 35 % to the authors. The books on the Amazon KDP are available on Kindle devices, Kindle apps for iPhone and Android users.

Publish your e-books on Google Play:

E Book Publishing Platform Google Play Books

You already know a huge number of mobile and tablet users are on Android platform. Google has lots of products for its users and Google books are one of them. On Google Play, you can easily upload your e-books and earn money. To publish a book on there you have to create a publishers account there. You don't need an ISBN number to publish a book on Google Play.

Publish your e-book on Smashwords:

Smashwords For Publishing Your E Books

Smashwords is also a popular aggregate publishing distribution platform to publish your e-books. The Smashwords distributes books in various platforms like Apple iBook, Scribd, Kobo, Blio, Inktera. To publish books on Smashwords you have to create an account. There are two types of account are available one is for a single author and second is for a publisher. They pay authors 85 % royalty of sales.

Kobo for publishing your e-books:

Self Publish E Book Platform Rakuten Kobo

Kobo is a very simple platform to publish your books. The Kobo writing life has a strategic partnership with online book stores of leading retailers in 190 countries. When you upload a book on any format it converts it to an ePUB file. Kobo gives authors 70 % royalty of the bookselling price.

Gumroad for publishing e-books:

Gumroad E Book Publishing Platform

Gumroad is an e-commerce platform where you can easily publish your e-books and earn from there. For every transaction Gumroad charges 5% + 25 cents. It is a platform where individual people can sell ebooks, mp3s, videos, software and many more. They give a unique link to promote your products. You can share that link anywhere you want on Facebook, Twitter or any social media platforms and more.

iBook Author from Apple :

Publish Your E Books On Apple I Book Author

This platform is basically for Apple users. You must have a mac book or have to use other third-party publishing platforms by which you can publish your ebook on iBook. The authors get 70 % royalty on purchasing price of the books. But on the iBook publishers are not allowed to sell their books anywhere else. E-books can be published on iBooks exclusively.

Self-publish e-book platform Blurb:

Publish Your E Books On Blurb

Blurb is also a good option if you want to publish your ebooks online. Not like Apple iBook Author, you can publish your e-books to different platforms too. There are no exclusive things. Blurb offers you different kind of tool to lay out your books. You will find both free and pro tools there. Blurb charges $9.99  for publishing e-books only one time.

Publish your ebooks on Shopify:

Publish E Books On Shopify Dropshipping

Shopify is a dropshipping website where you can different type of products. Besides that, you can publish your e-books on Shopify. This website is very popular and they have different types of pricing for publishing ebooks and other things. Their pricing starts at $ 29 per month.

BookBaby for publishing your e-books:

Book Baby For E Book Publish

BookBaby is also a very good platform to publish your e-books. When you publish e-books on BookBaby they don't charge anything to you. You get options to spread your books on various other platforms like Amazon, Kobo, Apple iBook and many more platforms. They have a worldwide distribution network.

Thanks for reading hope you have enjoyed the article. If you have any suggestion or queries you can comment down below.

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