Azadpur Mandi will not be closed: Chairman

New Delhi, March 19 (IANS) In order to prevent the infection of Coronavirus, precaution and safety measures are being adopted in Azadpur Mandi, the market will not be closed due to the fear of infection, the Chairman of Azadpur Mandi Agricultural Produce Marketing Committee (APMC), Adil Ahmed Khan, said on Thursday.

“Sanitizers have been distributed to the businessmen and soaps have been replaced for washing the hands. We are closely monitoring the cleanliness in the market,” Khan told IANS.

Khan said that the advisory issued by the Health Department is being followed to prevent the spread of coronavirus, but there is no question of closing the market.

Former APMC Chairman and Chairman of the Onion Merchant Association Rajendra Sharma said that the rumour of the closure of Azadpur market is being spread, but neither the government nor the businessmen are taking any decision in this regard.

He said that fruits and vegetables are present in sufficient quantity in the market and there is no effect on the subscription. Retail traders are constantly picking fruits and vegetables from the market.

Another officer of Azadpur Mandi APMC said that fruits, vegetables and other items are being supplied regularly in the mandi and so far there has been no impact on it. He said that fruits and vegetables are the daily consumption items and these are essential items, hence, the supply cannot be stopped.

A retail vegetable businessman from Delhi said that people have reduced the consumption of non-veg food due to fear of the coronavirus. In such a situation, people are putting more emphasis on pulses and vegetables. He said that the demand for vegetables has increased and people have started buying more vegetables than before.



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