Lift ban on fishing for 2020, says NFF

Chennai, April 22 (IANS) Citing conflicting orders issued by two wings of the central government, the National Fisherfolk Forum (NFF), here on Wednesday, requested Home Minister Amit Shah to lift the fishing ban.

In a letter to Shah, NFF chairperson M. Ilango said, “In the order released on April 10 by your honourable ministry, all fishing, including marine fishing, was announced as the activity permitted during the lockdown.”

“But as per the order of the fisheries ministry, the annual ban on fishing from April 14 is implemented. There is difference between the Home Ministry and the Fisheries Ministry orders,” Ilango said.

According to him, considering the plight of fishermen and the need for cheap protein supply to citizens, the fishing ban between April 14 and June 15 shall be lifted for this year.

Ilango said it should be a joint order of the Home Ministry and the Fisheries Ministry, covering both territorial waters and the exclusive economic zone (EEZ).



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