Apple acknowledges iPhone XR connectivity problems in UK

San Francisco, Jan 8 (IANS) Apple’s iPhone XR — released in 2018 — has been encountering problems in the UK along with the O2 network and the iPhone maker has publicly acknowledged the problem, the media reported.

Apple and O2 have confirmed that one of the most popular iPhones is not working as it should on O2’s network.

The iPhone XR completely lost signal several times a day, some O2 customers said on Twitter, BBC reported on Tuesday.

The problems experienced by several iPhone XR owners are severe, affecting calls, texts and data usage.

They have also struggled to get a reliable 4G internet connection, making apps such as Facebook and Instagram redundant unless there is wi-fi.

“We’re working closely with our partners to resolve an intermittent issue affecting some of our customers using iPhone XR,” an O2 spokeswoman was quoted as saying by the BBC.

According to the mobile carrier O2 — an IT fix 101 (turning the phone off and on again) provides a temporary fix, but it isn’t clear how long that lasts before the iPhone XR connectivity problems reoccur.

“We are aware of an issue causing intermittent network connectivity affecting some O2 customers, and we will have a fix in an upcoming software release,” Apple was quoted as saying by GSMArena.

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