Amitabh comments on fake video, gets corrected by fans

New Delhi, Nov 20 (IANS) Bollywood icon Amitabh Bachchan was caught on the wrong foot after he praised a syncronised dance by a group of women, which his fans pointed out was fake.

After a video clipping of the women dancing in tandem, claimed to be shot in China, appeared, Amitabh posted on his Twitter handle @SrBachchan: “wow .. even their locks of hair move in sync…”

His fans were quick to point out his mistake. One wrote: “It’s fake video sir..well edited thats all..”.

“I doubt…computer generated…old post..”, remarked another.

Replying to @SrBachchan, one user remarked: “Was watching Agneepath yesterday… Yeh duniya bahot bighdeli hai Gaitonde Saheb..”.

One user had posted a meme of Bollywood diva Rekha looking dazed. Another meme was of a child in slumber.

Replying to a fan, one Twitter user wrote: “Editing hai ma’am… It’s not sync or talent. It’s just one girl. Tik Tok is full of such videos. Stop spreading false news”.

In all, the comment garnered 931 retweets and 7.7K likes.

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