Verizon’s privacy-focused search engine OneSearch is here

San Francisco, Jan 15 (IANS) Verizon Media — the media and digital arm of US-based telecommunications giant Verizon has launched a new privacy-focused search engine called OneSearch, with the declaration that it won't store records of what users search, create profiles of their usage or share their search data with advertisers.

The search engine also gives “unbiased, unfiltered” results, Verizon said, meaning everyone sees the same results for the same search terms. Finally, OneSearch search results can “self-destruct” after a set period of time, which could be useful on shared devices, CNET reported on Tuesday.

This comes at a time when public trust in big technology firms like Facebook, Google, etc., has hit rock bottom following reports of data breaches, loopholes, and data harvesting escapades.

According to the OneSearch privacy policy, the search results will only be personalized based on location, which it will collect from IP addresses.

OneSearch says that it will separate IP addresses from users and their search results.

The service comes from the same segment of Verizon — Verizon Media — that runs an extensive ad network with more than 70,000 web publishers and apps as customers, the report added.

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