YouTube Update: Creators Now Can Add 15 Sec Trailer For Live Streams

YouTube creators would be able to add a 15-second trailer about the live session for the interested viewers.
Interacting with fans and viewers in real-time is not new. Many platforms now enable creators to join live sessions. YouTube live was launched way back, but more and more people are likely to join after the internet boom. With the live stream session, creators can join live Q&A sessions, can organize any live class, event, and more. Many users are very excited about the live sessions. Now with this new trailer update on the live video sessions, creators have enhanced options to grab audience retention. Just similar to the cinema trailers, creators can create a short overview or a promotional video to create a hype of their sessions. So many popular creators, be it gamers or any other field, hosts live sessions and earn some extra money from there. Till now, this trailer feature was available only with the videos, but now it can be availed to the live streams too.
Not only the trailer, creators now would be able to organize a poll into a live session too. This feature was also available only with the videos. It will enable creators to get answers from their viewers on a live session.
There are few requirements for creating the trailer. The trailer has to be any YouTube-supported video type, and it should be of the same aspect ratio and resolution. The video should be between 15 seconds to 3 minutes. While uploading the trailer, creators need to keep in mind the YouTube community guidelines.

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