YouTube Shorts rolls out globally to more than 100 countries

YouTube Shorts which is Goggle's owned short-form video service and an obvious competitor to TikTok, has now started rolling out globally.

YouTube Shorts was officially launched in September 2020, featuring 15-second videos, the same time limit as TikTok, though TikTok later expanded maximum video length, first to one minute, and then, to three minutes.

In March, the feature launched in the United States after making its debut in India last year. Just last month, too, Shorts expanded to the UK, Canada, and parts of Latin America.

Now, starting this week, the short-video platform is rolling out globally to more than 100 countries where YouTube is available, as reported by the Verge.

The primary advantage of YouTube Shorts over TikTok, for creators, is the ability to tap into YouTube's massive library of audio content to include in their shorts.

Other than that, the app, which is available on both iOS and Android, allows creators to tie multiple video clips together into one, speed control, and a timer and countdown to make capturing the right moment easier.

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