YouTube Makes It Mandatory To enable two-step verifications for YouTube Creators

YouTube recently updated its YouTube partner program joining criteria by adding the two-step verification process.

YouTube creator can monetize their YouTube videos after fulfilling the requirements. For a long time, there were only two criteria; 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours of organic watch time. Nearly one month ago, YouTube added another one that, channels with the community strikes won’t be eligible to monetize their channels. Now, the latest one is the two-step verification.

The reason behind the update is likely due to the increased number of cases, where the YouTube channels got hacked by hackers. The two-step varication is not new to Gmail and other internet users. That security feature adds more security to the channel. That typically prevents someone from logging into an account with new devices as the security is been selected.

So, creators now need to on the two-step verification to their channel before they apply for joining the YouTube partner program. If anyone sends them without adapting the two-step verification, likely to see delays in the review process.

Not only the YouTube partner program but also, YouTube has mentioned that from November 1, channels that haven’t updated the two-step verification yet, won’t be able to access YouTube Studio and YouTube Studio Content Manager.

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