YouTube Announces To Roll Out Go Live Together

YouTube Go Live Together, a collaborative feature that will allow creators to interact with their guests on a live video streaming session, is likely to come for all creators next week.

With this new feature, creators on YouTube would be able to collaborate with other creators on their mobile devices. Previously YouTube creators would physically visit the collaborator and shoot a video, or they use any other third-party application to go live together, but with this YouTube, Go Live Together feature, two creators will be able to join a live session just like any other application.

YouTube announced, they started rolling out this feature to all creators and within the next week, it will reach to all eligible creators.

How to Go Live Together as a host on YouTube?

  • The first thing you need to do is, check whether your YouTube application is updated or not. If not, you need to update it first.
  • Then you need to click on the Create option.
  • After that tap on the go-live option. As you are creating the live stream, you are considered the host of the live stream.
  • Then you need to enter streaming details such as “if the video was made for kids”, or if you want to restrict the video to the adult audience. 
  • After that tap on the done button. After that, an invitation link will be generated. 
  • Then you can send the link to the whom you want to collaborate.
  • When your partner will accept your invitation, both the host and the guest can preview the video and check the video and audio quality.

If you both find everything is ok, you can click on the go live button.

Eligibility for YouTube Go Live Together:

If you want to host a live session on YouTUbe with another YouTuber, you need at least 50 subscribers and a verified YouTube channel. But as a guest, there are no such criteria either but you need a channel without having any strikes on it.

Can you monetize your YouTube Go Live Together sessions?

Yes, ads can appear on your YouTube live collaborations and as a content creator, you can generate revenue from there. Through a live session, Creators can earn through Super Chats and Super Stickers and the same earning is possible with the Go Live Together. Here the earnings will go to the host of the live stream. 

YouTube first announced the feature in March this year and now they are finally rolling it out. As a creator, if you are still not having that feature on your YouTube mobile application, soon you will be able to get the YouTube live collaboration option. Even though you can join YouTube Go Live Together with a desktop, still you will require a mobile device to initiate the whole process.

Through this new option, Creators will be able to reach new audiences, gain more subscribers, and gain more popularity as well.

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