You can use parcel forwarding services for Black Friday deals

New Delhi, Nov 27 (IANS) With shipping costs being a major concern for Indians who want to grab Black Friday deals in the US, parcel forwarding services may come to your aid as they generally allow merging of multiple packages that may bring down the delivery cost.

Hong Kong-based cross-border e-commerce service provider Buyandship, for example charges $6 per pound as its weight charge. When consolidating multiple packages into one, the parcel may be repackaged with no extra charges, claims the company.

Buyandship said it is offering special promo codes and free shipping credits upto November 30.

Black Friday is the day that comes right after Thanksgiving Day in the US. Thanksgiving being one of the biggest festive and shopping seasons in the US, now online stores all over the world including the UK, Japan, Australia and the European Union offer Black Friday sales.

With retail chains and e-commerce stores across these countries offering huge discounts on a wide range of products, Black Friday is widely regarded as a great time to grab deals on products ranging from electronic gadgets to lifestyle and designer goods from a number of countries.

“With Buyandship, Indian shoppers can freely hunt for bargains and Black Friday deals on sites across all these countries, and enjoy international shipping on their orders for only $6 per pound in shipping fees, and leave high shipping costs behind,” the company said in a statement.

“Moreover, with Buyandship Indian shoppers can access deals from overseas online shops that usually offer only domestic shipping,” it added.

But before you go shopping, do not forget to see the list of prohibited items to make sure the items you purchase reach your home.

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