WR ferried 63,000 tonnes supplies in 90-day lockdown

Mumbai, June 24 (IANS) During the 90-day of lockdown from March 23 to June 23, the Western Railways transported over 63,000 tonnes of essential supplies by running parcel special trains to different parts of the country, said an official, here on Wednesday.

Western Railways spokesperson Ravinder Bhakar said through 356 parcel special trains, essential supplies, like milk, fish, agro-products and medicines, were transported.

It ran 47 milk special trains with over 35,000 tonnes cargo, 303 Covid-19 parcel special trains to transport 25,000 tonnes of essential commodities, plus 6 indented trains carrying 2,838 tonnes of other requirements.

All this helped the Western Railways net Rs 20.23 crore revenue. The parcel special trains continue as per requirement, with one leaving today (June 24) from Okha to Guwahati, another from Mumbai to Ludhiana, and a third milk train from Palanpur to Hind terminal.

In the past 90 days, 7,197 rakes supplied 14.84 million tonnes essential commodities, and 14,253 freight trains were inter-changed at various zonal railways, Bhakar added.

However, the Western Railways also lost Rs 1,443 crore revenue, including Rs 208.23 crore only from the Mumbai suburban section.

It has also refunded Rs 361.53 crore tickets, which comprises Rs 170.47 crore from the Mumbai Division alone, after more than 5.5 million passengers cancelled tickets.



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