Will Vidhi’s identity get revealed? And will Payal reach in time for her mehandi ceremony?

Mumbai: Fearing that Imarti would reveal Vidhi’s truth to everyone about her taking her sister's place for the mehandi ceremony, Vidhi faints in tension. Payal is still not to be seen and is yet at her audition. Imarti’s efforts don’t stop to prove to everyone around and most importantly to Pratibha Devi that Vidhi has replaced Payal and that Payal is actually missing.

Imarti asks Pratibha Devi to apply vibhooti (sacred ash) on Vidhi’s head to help her calm down as a second attempt to reveal the truth.

While the rest of the family is discussing what to do next to help the soon to be bride since she has just fainted, Payal finally jumps inside the room from her backdoor window. She quickly swaps clothes with Vidhi who is trying to buy time before any of this can be disclosed.

But do the two sisters make it in time before Pratibha Devi and family reach the room? So who is it under the veil? Is it Vidhi or is it Payal?

Will the wedding preparations continue as normal? Will Ved’s Haldi ceremony take place?

Tune in to Dangal at 7:00 pm and 10:30 from Monday to Friday and watch if Ved gets to marry Payal, the love of his life in Aye Mere Humsafar.

Aye Mere Humsafar is a story of specially-abled Vidhi who chases her ambition and dream of becoming an IAS officer despite the challenges that life throws her way.

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