Why Tom Holland returned as Spider-Man amid lockdown

London, April 23 (IANS) Actor Tom Holland, popular as Spider-Man in reel life, slipped into the webbed superhero's costume for a virtual birthday party.

Host Jimmy Kimmel had promised his son Billy that the real Spider-Man would be at his birthday party, but due to the lockdown that couldn't be possible, reports dailymail.co.uk.

“My son Billy turns three years old today,” Jimmy explained during their online interview.

“We watched both of your Spider-Man movies over and over and over again, and we promised him that the real Spider-Man would come to his party. Now, of course we were just going to hire a guy in a suit, but now nobody's coming to his party.

“His party is just us, and I was wondering if you could say hello to him. I can't guarantee you it's going to register, but would you mind?”

Holland was delighted to help out, and Jimmy returned with his daughter Jane, five, and son Billy, who was wearing a Spider-Man costume.

“Who did we say was going to come to your birthday?' Jimmy asked his son. “The real Spider-Man! I want you to say hi to somebody!”

Holland popped up wearing a red hoodie, mask and gloves.

“Hey what's up Billy!?' he asked. “Here, let me take this off so I can see you better.”

Jane recognised him and exclaimed: “That is Peter Parker!”

“Hey Billy, how you doing?” Holland asked.

The youngster smiled before shyly snuggling towards his father.

“My name's Peter Parker. I live in Queens, New York. Where do you live, do you know?” Holland asked the children.

Billy remained silent but his older sister answered, “We live in California!”

Jimmy then asked his daughter what she once called Peter.

“Cute!” she said.

“She said you have a cute face!' Jimmy said as Holland gave the thumbs up.

“I appreciate that, that's very kind of you!” Holland replied.

Then, Jimmy got everyone sing happy birthday to his son while his wife Molly came out with a cake.

Holland and his housemates sang to the toddler from their home in London.



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