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Why My Articles Are Not Displaying On Google News Even I have Approval

See What You Can Do If You Have The Google News Approval Publishers But Your Site Is Still Not In Google News Tab.

Many news website owners have a common question of why my articles are not displaying on Google News after the approval. Is there something we can do?

If you have a news website, you cannot wait for ranking your articles as regular content on Google. News is on an emergency and time basis. If the time surpasses, there will be no meaning of the news. That's why Google introduced an exclusive thing for online news portals, Google News. Where any news content you publish, it appears quickly. Literally it does not make any sense if you get a piece of news after 2-3 days. It is an excellent feature Google provides news websites, and to get that feature, you need to comply with their Google News terms. But so many times, we see that we comply with their terms and condition and apply fir that, after reviewing our application, they allow us for Google News publication. But still, our news or article does not appear on Google News, only we see that we are included there as News publishers but there is no content.

Now the question is, why this happens? And can we do anything to fix that?

Well, if we go straight forward, there are plenty of things we can try to solve this problem below we are mentioning below. These are a checklist you can compare to your site.

1. News Site Map:

If you haven’t the site map, you need to create it for your site. Without the news sitemap, Google will be unable to figure out that your website is a news website.  You need to submit a valid sitemap to the Google Search Console. No matter what type of site you have your sitemap is very important for your site.

2. Google content policies:

Google has its content policies that mean what type of content they allow and what type of content they don’t on search engines. You may think that once your site is approved for Google News then you might ignore these things in some points, but that’s not right. Even after your News approval, you need to follow Google’s content policies strictly. This would be a reason not to appear on News too. You may read Google’s Content policy here.

3. Author attribution:

Giving full information about the Author in each news is very important. If you are not doing the same, it would be a reason for not coming to the Google news of your news. You need to give full details about the author. From the author's name, email address, social profiles, and another important thing as specified by Google.

4. Letting Google News for your issue:

After following all the guidelines of Google News after getting the approval, doing all the things perfectly, if it still does not happen, then you can let Google News Team about your issue, or you can find a better answer to Google News Forum.

5. Trustworthiness and Authoritativeness:

News is a sensitive matter for users as well as Google. If someone publishes any wrong information through Google News, it will be bad for the image of Google. So, you might notice on Google News that all the websites are surfacing on search and ranking are mostly old once. Old means they are a long time on that field, and they are trusted and have high authority. For a new site, it takes time to gain the same trustworthiness and authoritativeness. But you cannot do anything instantly for that. You need to work continuously with the same fairness to reach there.

Finally, we would like to say that it is no means that if you have Google News approval, that means your site will appear on Google News instantly; it takes time. So, you need to keep the patience for that. Sometimes it would take longer than expected. The things mentioned above are essential and need to check them.

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