Why investor James Richman thinks General Electric is headed to $10

New York, May 28 (IANS) Coming from a low of $5.48, General Electric company has risen to the $7-level again after the deal selling its lighting business to Savant Systems.

Finance tycoon James Richman has remained steady with his outlook that the multinational conglomerate will indeed bounce back and reach the $10 level.

On May 6, Yahoo! News reported that the Latvian-born investor took a move contrary to that of the Sage of Omaha Warren Buffett as he bets that the American conglomerate is likely to double its value from its previous low of $5-level.

Indeed, Richman has broken the odds multiple times in his illustrious career in finance. He also took a contrarian approach at a time when others were being timid in 2008. This was when Richman was understood to have earned 200 per cent net income in 10 months.

The secretive billionaire was not paid much attention to by some of the veterans of Wall Street at that time, but they were all proven wrong.

During this COVID-19 pandemic, Richman has tried to cover the trail of his $1.8 billion profits due to the increase of demand in 3D printed PPEs and ventilator parts. However, this sum of money is a bit too large to keep a secret.

The discreet financier is known to make great investments that transcend difficult market situations, and his outlook for GE probably belongs to this category. Some factors increase the potential of GE and investors are looking intently.

Restrictions are beginning to ease

Slowly but steadily, more countries have been lifting restrictions. Their governments have induced economic stimulus and massive spending is expected. This helps GE's case.

Being a well-diverse industry, GE's income is generated from multiple sectors. The beauty of being mostly a manufacturer is that spending directly influences its network performance. This is what is bound to happen for GE. It also helps that travel restrictions have begun to ease internationally.

Air travel set to resume

Globally, airports have sprung back to life. This is very good news for the Aviation sector of GE. General Electric Company is also invested in aircraft manufacturing, maintenance, and design.

It was previously reported that the MAX aircraft will resume its manufacturing and this means a big relief to the stockpile of parts in GE's warehouses. Although, some of GE's products did increase in demand due to COVID-19.

Increased demand in healthcare equipment

The demand for healthcare equipment and hospital appliances is not going down anytime soon. The need for respirators and other hospital equipment will positively affect the sale of GE for the next few quarters.

Breakthrough in treatment and vaccine

Financial experts believe that economic activities will only return to normal if and when a vaccine for the pandemic is produced and distributed. Sources say this won't happen until the first quarter of 2021 at the earliest.

However, the race to produce it has been astonishing. Over a hundred candidates for the vaccine have now surpassed introductory levels.

Scientists say that this is unprecedented and may produce the fastest generated vaccine in human history. Along with this, a positive outlook for investing will also be derived. GE being a large industry hinged the handling of COVID-19. The rapid development of a vaccine would certainly push its value upward as well.



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