When Surbhi’s demo song made it as the final cut

Mumbai, June 27 (IANS) Indo-American singer Surbhi has come up with a new single, titled “Naqaab”. The track was entirely conceptualised and shot during lockdown.

Surbhi has an interesting anecdote to share about recording the song.

“For this song, everything from recording the audio to creating the music video was done during the lockdown. Something pretty interesting happened during the recording of ‘Naqaab'. I recorded a rough demo of the song for my producer to create the track around it. He liked my demo vocals so much that he ended up using it as the final version on the track. So, the vocals you hear in the song are actually demo vocals and I am surprised how good they sound. This is the first time I recorded vocals at home and definitely the first time my demo vocals were used for the final track,” said Surbhi.

“Naqaab” is a song about unfulfilled desires, a song that talks about unmasking your desires and letting the world see the real you.



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