When Shraddha Kapoor nursed an injured crow

Mumbai, July 29 (IANS) Shraddha Kapoor has posted a video where she is seen nursing an injured crow.

Taking to Instagram, Shraddha spoke about the changes she has implemented in her life in order to contribute her bit to nature. Along with it, she also posted a video in which she is treating the bird.

“Making changes within myself for planet earth and mother nature. Been using a bamboo toothbrush (as an alternative to plastic ones), having bucket baths, using alternatives to single-use plastic water bottles like copper, glass, and reusable bottles. Trying also to look out for stray animals, turning vegetarian last July 21st, a year ago. I hope I continue on this journey of working on myself to love our planet and it’s animals more,” she wrote.

Reacting to the post, a user commented: “So proud of you. Keep it coming and inspiring us.”

Another one wrote: “More power to you.”



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