When Pierce Brosnan saved Halle Berry from choking

Los Angeles, April 22 (IANS) Actress Halle Berry has shared that “James Bond” star Pierce Brosnan once saved her from choking while filming “Die Another Day”.

She made the revelation when she appeared on “The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon”, reports dailymail.co.uk.


“I was supposed to be all sexy, trying to seduce him with a fig, and then I end up choking on it and he had to get up and do the Heimlich,” said the actress, who was seen as Jinx in 2002's “Die Another Day”.

“That was so not sexy. James Bond knows how to Heimlich! He was there for me, he will always be one of my favourite people in the whole world,” added the 53-year-old.

Heimlich is a first-aid procedure to dislodge an obstruction from a person's windpipe by applying strong pressure to the abdomen between the belly button and rib cage.

It was not the only accident that Berry faced. The actress suffered an injury during an action sequence, being shot in Spain, when debris from a smoke grenade stunt got lodged in her left eye.

Berry was last seen on the big screen in last year's “John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum” opposite Keanu Reeves. She will next be seen in “Bruised”, a drama set in the world of mixed martial arts. She is directing the feature. The actress is also attached to star in a remake of the 1985 classic “Jagged Edge”.



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