When Farah Khan Kunder tried knitting a hairband for son Czar

Mumbai, May 15 (IANS) Choreographer-filmmaker Farah Khan's attempt to knit a hairband for her son Czar failed and she says it turned into something she cannot fathom.

Farah took to Instagram, where she shared a photograph of the brown hairband she was trying to knit.

“I started knitting a hairband for my son Czar… it's clearly turned into smthng we cannot fathom! Is it a mask? Is it a loin cloth? Is it the flag of Italy? Whatever it is Czar will have to wear it now! Any suggestions?” she captioned the image.

Recently, Farah's daughter Diva raised over Rs 2 lakh for stray animals affected by the lockdown due to coronavirus pandemic.

Last month, she shared that her other daughter Anya decided to sketch a pet and sell the artwork for Rs 1,000 to support such neglected animals.

The filmmaker had also shared in April that Czar penned a rap song on the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

Czar is one of Farah's triplets, along with her daughters Anya and Diva.



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