When Aparna Dixit found Rahul Sharma ‘over-smart’

Mumbai, May 28 (IANS) Actor Rahul Sharma has recalled the time when his “Pyar Ki Luka Chuppi” co-star Aparna Dixit found him “over-smart”.

Talking about their first meeting, Rahul said: “We were asked to do the mock shoot together and that is where the journey began. I tried to help her and gave her a few tips about acting and how to pull off the role.”

“While receiving inputs from me, a stranger to Aparna back then, she was taken aback and said, ‘Mujhe toh aap bade over-smart type ke lagte ho', (You seem to be the over-smart kind),” he added.

He eased out the situation, and said: “You didn't notice what I said later though, I told you that I only wanted you to do the role and that is why I helped.”

Their chemistry in the Dangal TV show is being praised by their fans.



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