WhatsApp update: Users will be able to hide ‘last seen’ from specific contacts

The Facebook-owned messaging app WhatsApp will soon make it easier for people to hide their last seen, status, profile picture from selected people.

At present, WhatsApp only allows users to hide their last seen from all their contacts. Users can select between the options such as “Everyone,” “My Contacts,” and “Nobody”. However, there is no option to hide the above-mentioned things from specific people.

As per Wabetainfo, now WhatsApp is making changes to its privacy settings. The messaging app will let people choose who they want to hide their statuses and pictures from. Users will be given a new “My Contacts Except…” option using which they can select the contacts that they don’t want to share their last seen with. The feature is being tested on the beta versions of Android and iOS.

The feature is currently under development and WhatsApp is yet to announce whether it would be set for stable rollout or not.

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