WhatsApp launches new features for iOS that can react to status with emojis

Meta-owned messaging service WhatsApp has released a new feature for its iOS users. The release of the app version 22.21.75 on iOS now lets iPhone users react to status updates. Once the app has been updated from the App Store, users will be able to see all the changes which WhatsApp has mentioned in its catalogs in the App Store.

With the new update, iOS users will now be able to react to their status with up to eight emojis to choose from. These emojis include Smiling Face with Heart eyes, Face with tears of joy, Face with open mouth, Crying face, Folded hands, Clapping hands, Party popper, and hundred points.

WabetaInfo, a WhatsApp updates sharing website, reports that there might be a case where some users may not be able to see this update. It will still take some time for some users to receive this feature.

Meanwhile, WhatsApp is currently also working on several other features to enhance the user's experience and the security of the data. It includes a Twitter-like edit feature, document sharing with a caption, WhatsApp premium subscription. However, the updates might be taking some time to roll out for both Android and iOS users.

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