WhatsApp is releasing 6 new sticker packs

WhatsApp has released six new sticker packs for all users. The new WhatsApp sticker packs are available on both Android and iOS. The latest sticker pack collection includes Egg And Chup, Realistic Rabbit, Betakkuma 2, Square Cheese’s Daily Life, Woman Cactus, and A Burdensome Pigeon Named Eagle.

WhatsApp users on Android and iOS can find the new sticker packs from the app’s sticker store. To find any of the sticker packs, users can first tap on the emoji button, and then select the sticker icon from the bottom tray. Then select the “+” icon to see the full list of sticker packs.

The first six sticker packs in the list will be the newly released ones, and will also have the “new” tag besides the title. Users can tap on the arrow button to download the sticker packs. Once the sticker packs are downloaded, they will be visible in the sticker section of the app.

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