West Bengal woman turns rich after catching 52-kg fish from the river

An elderly woman became rich overnight after she caught a 52-kilogram fish from a river in West Bengal.

According to reports, Pushpa Kar, a resident of Chakphuldubi village on Sagar Island in West Bengal, pulled out a giant fish from a river and sold it for Rs 3 lakh.

“The fish turned out to be a jackpot for me. I got more than 3 lakh by selling it in the wholesale market at Rs 6,200 per kilogram,” Pushpa said to a reporter.

“I have never seen such a giant fish in my life. It is called ‘Bhola’ fish in Bengali,” the poor old woman said.

According to the locals, the size of the fish and the amount it fetched were both huge. The woman had to make a lot of effort to drag the fish from the river and bring it to the village. She was able to bring it to the fish market with the help of the locals.

A villager said,” The fish most was probably killed as it collided with a vessel.

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