Wells Adams jokes about splitting with Sarah Hyland

Los Angeles, March 24 (IANS) Actor Wells Adams has joked that “it's over” between him and “Modern Family” star Sarah Hyland following a heated puzzle debacle.

While staying in, Adams had been working on an intricate puzzle with his fiance — only to find that the last piece was missing, reports eonline.com.

Taking to social media, he shared a picture of the puzzle in his Instagram Stories and wrote, “The hits keep coming.”

Much to his surprise, Hyland had hidden the piece.

“You f**king stole the piece?” he yelled as he jokingly scolded Hyland in his next Story. He said: “What is wrong with you?! Why would you do that?!”

Hyland tried to reason with Adams. Instead of hearing her out, he exclaimed: “You don't understand how much pain I've been in right now. That's it. We are broken up. It's over.”

Once things calmed down, Hyland retrieved the missing piece and helped her love finish the puzzle. “Yay! We did the puzzle,” she quipped in Adams' next Story as she put the last piece in its place. Still holding a grudge, he wrote, “Sarah Hyland is the worst.”

Meanwhile, Hyland is excited about the finale of “Modern Family”, which airs in India on Star World. Created by Steven Levitan and Chistopher Lloyd, the show navigates the life of members of Pritchett family and won hearts for showing a diverse picture of an American family with themes around a gay couple, adoption, dating, young pregnancy and ethnicity running at its core.



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