Wear Alexa on your ring finger soon

Seattle, Sep 26 (IANS) Realising that more and more Indians want to marry her (more than a million proposed her recently and she declining all of them), Alexa has decided to come closer to you — in the form of a smart ring that you can soon wear, even if you can still not tie the nuptial knot with Amazon’s virtual assistant.

The Alexa-enabled smart ring called “Echo Loopa is available for $129.99 (strictly by invitation) currently in the US so no gatecrashing here.

With access to Alexa at your fingertips, simply click the action button to ask for the right amount to tip at dinner, confirm you locked the front door, or announce you’re on your way home.

Echo Loop can be used for short phone calls; just set a top contact and double click the action button to give them a call.

When done speaking to Alexa or the person on the other end of the call, hold Echo Loop up to your ear to hear your phone call or Alexa’s response.

Echo Loop has two microphones, the smallest speaker ever on an Echo device, and a piezo haptic that vibrates discreetly when you receive notifications or an incoming call, or to signal the button has been pressed and Alexa is streaming your request to the cloud.

Echo Loop can last for an entire day of use with one charge, and the included charging cradle recharges it completely in 90 minutes.

The Alexa-enabled smart ring is scratch-resistant and water-resistant.

It connects to Alexa through the Alexa app on your smartphone and uses your existing device’s data plan.

To access your phone’s native voice services — Siri or Google Assistant — press and hold the action button for one second.

The other personal wearable is “Echo Frames” — prescription-ready glasses that offer hands-free access to Alexa.

While wearing the Frames, just ask Alexa to make phone calls, set a reminder to pick up dry cleaning when you leave work, add call the mechanic to your to-do list, listen to your favourite podcast, or control compatible smart home devices.

“Echo Frames” have a VIP Filter, which allows you to select and hear only the phone notifications that matter most, while filtering out the rest.

Echo Frames have no camera or display and are made from durable and lightweight materials for all-day wear.

The frames have four micro speakers that use Amazon open-ear audio technology to direct sound towards your ears, while minimizing the sound heard by those around you.

After purchasing Echo Frames, visit your preferred eyewear professional to add prescription lenses or adjust the fit of the frames.

In addition to Alexa, you can also use Echo Frames to access Google Assistant.

Through the invitation period, Echo Frames will be available for a special price of $179.99 in the US and is only compatible with Android phones.

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