Way Rohit interacts with players, you can tell he’s a leader: Uthappa

New Delhi, April 8 (IANS) ESPNcricinfo has launched a new show called ‘One on One #Workfromhome, where the host catches up with cricketers over video-chat during this global time-out to discuss their career, life-goals, personal matters and ways of dealing with social distancing. The first guest on the debut episode of the show is Rajasthan Royals batsman Robin Uthappa.

Robin talks about his career, aspirations, starting a new journey with Rajasthan Royals and his ongoing preparations in current times. Robin has featured in eight ODIs and four T20 matches since October 2011. Although he prefers coming up the order, Robin has also been preparing for the role of a finisher and has already started his training at home.

“What we need today is a good finisher. I have been practicing a lot because these things are like a process; they don’t just happen overnight. You need to work on it every day. And God willing, it will happen at some point,” he said.

When asked to name the best captain he has played under in IPL, Robin picks Gautam Gambhir. He says, “Gauti, for me, stood out. Even though he doesn’t speak much, he communicates just what is enough, and you know that you’re in a good place. Good leaders make you feel secure, then they let you be, and you see that in their results as a captain.” Robin also acknowledged visible leadership qualities in Rohit Sharma. “With the way he interacts with his players, you can tell that he is a leader”, he adds further.

On being a part of Rajasthan Royals this season, he says, “I am genuinely looking forward to meeting and spending time with Steve Smith, Jos Buttler, Ben Stokes, Oshane Thomas, Tom Curran and others because its only when guys come together, and set the common goal of wanting to win, and that desire is vehemently expressed, you know that it is going to come through.”

The show also introduces viewers to Robin’s personal life. Robin has been making the best of the lockdown by spending quality time with his wife and son, Neale Nolan Uthappa, in Bangalore. He introduces Neale and narrates an interesting story behind the name ‘Neale Nolan.’

“Our entire family is a huge Christopher Nolan fan, so, we had decided to name our son ‘Nolan Robin Uthappa.’ But then we (my wife and I) came across the author “Neale Donald Walsch” of ‘Conversation with God’s’ fame. He had a significant impact over us. So we decided to drop ‘Robin’ and call him ‘Neale Nolan Uthappa’ instead,” he said.

Robin is an avid reader, and also loves to bake and cook in his free time, which he has been doing a lot nowadays. He used to read autobiographies of cricketers all the time, but it changed after an incident.

“My biggest learning came after I read Steve Waugh’s autobiography, where he spoke about how he was a grafter, his grit, determination, and how he enjoyed the struggle as it brought out the best in him. I got so influenced that suddenly I found myself batting and trying to struggle, even if I wasn’t. So that’s when I thought, I should stop reading these books while I am playing,” he said.



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