Vinit Kakar grooms acting skills by watching TV mythologicals

Mumbai, April 28 (IANS) Several mythological shows, including “Mahabharata” and “Ramayan”, have been re-running on TV amid the lockdown, and actor Vinit Kakar is catching up with all of them to better his performance as Ashwatthama in the ongoing television show “Radha Krishn”.

“I’m enjoying watching all the mythological shows.. as these old series turn out to be very epic and audience favourite. I’m watching them and learning about how actors used to convey their dialogues and how they used to carry those heavy outfits while acting. These things are going to help me to groom my acting skills. Once the lockdown gets over I’m going to shoot for the Mahabharata character Ashwatthama, which is an important character in the story…So, I’m not missing any episodes of Mahabharata,” he said.

Apart from binge-watching mythological shows, Vinit is also taking proper care of his health amid lockdown.

“In my free time I take proper care of my health and body. I enjoy being in shape. I’m eating more of raw veggies and I’m exercising six hours a day,” Vinit added.



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