Vikas Dubey’s mother asks younger son to surrender

Lucknow, July 22 (IANS) Gangster Vikas Dubey's mother, Sarla Dubey, has appealed to her younger son, Deep Prakash Dubey, to surrender to the police.

In a message conveyed through media persons, Sarla Dubey said that if Deep Prakash did not surrender, he would probably meet the same fate as his elder brother who was killed in a police encounter on July 10.

Deep Prakash Dubey, who has been absconding after the July 3 incident in which eight policemen were killed in Bikru village during a shootout, now carries a reward of Rs 20,000 on his head.

His slain brother Vikas Dubey was the main accused in the ambush and five of his accomplices have also been killed in different encounters after July 3.

Sarla Dubey told media persons, “Deep Prakash, please come forward and surrender, or else the police will kill you and your family. You will get the safety of the police. You have done nothing, don't hide because of your relationship with your brother.”

A day before Vikas Dubey was killed in the police encounter, Sarla Dubey had said that she will have no regrets if her son was shot dead for the killing of the eight policemen.



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