Vijayendra Kumeria: Lockdown taught me that plans can be altered

Mumbai, April 24 (IANS) Actor Vijayendra Kumeria says the COVID-19 lockdown period has taught him a lot.

“The lockdown has changed my viewpoint, I have realised that health is the most important thing which we ignore the most in our busy lives. I have also learned to enjoy my own company and how important me-time is,” he said.

“The two most important things that we need to learn in life are patience and waiting. We all have become very impatient and we don't want to wait for anything. This lockdown has taught me that no matter what you think and plan, your plans will need alteration and you should be ready for it,” he added.

On how he keeps himself occupied during this time, he shared: “For me, in this quarantine time, the most important thing is to be hygienic. About grooming, I would say that I don't take a lot of time getting ready. But I am always neat, clean and presentable. I read, workout, cook and watch movies or web series. These things keep me positive and motivated.”

He surely has a plan for when this period gets over. “I will get a haircut and face the camera!” he said.



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