Vehicles carrying migrants to move in convoy in UP

Prayagraj (Uttar Pradesh), May 18 (IANS) After the Auraiyya road mishap in which 24 migrant workers were killed on Saturday, senior police officials in Prayagraj zone have decided that from now on goods carriers, ferrying migrants, would move together in convoy during night hours.

The idea of moving in a convoy is designed to control the speed and minimize the risk of accidents.


As per police orders, the convoy of 10 or 12 vehicles in numbers will have to strictly follow speed limits to ensure safety and security of migrants. Police will ensure that only empty goods carriers should ferry migrant workers, the order said.

Mobile police pickets will be keeping a strict watch on the vehicles carrying migrants. Police will not allow movement of migrants on two-wheelers/bicycles or on foot.

A senior official said that to ensure safety and security of all migrants returning to their native places by carriers on national and state highways, drivers of goods carriers have been asked to drive at a speed of 40 km/hour. They have also been asked to maintain proper distance between two vehicles.

As the city limits touch seven neighbouring districts, the policemen on duty have been asked to be extra vigilant to ensure safety of migrants.




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