Urvashi Rautela: Future history books will need one chapter just for 2020

Mumbai, Aug 6 (IANS) Looking ahead in time, actress and former beauty queen Urvashi Rautela feels history books in the future will need to dedicate an entire chapter to the year 2020.

From forest fires to the COVID-19 pandemic and now a blast in Beirut, the year has seen one disaster after the other.

“Future history books will need one chapter just for the year 2020,” said Urvashi.

She is devastated by the recent explosion in Beirut. “My thoughts and prayers are with Beirut, Lebanon. I am heartbroken by the loss of life in this tragic event. Solidarity to all those affected and those working tirelessly to help. I can't even imagine the predicament of the people witnessing this out there. So many lives (have been) lost, thousands of people (are) injured,” she said.

Urvashi has friends in Lebanon and is upset that she can't reach them.

“My friend Yara is a Lebanese singer and Cynthia Samuel is Miss Universe Lebanon. They both are close friends and it's quite sad that they both live in Lebanon and I can't reach them,” she said.



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