Twitter tests long-awaited edit button for paying subscribers

Twitter will launch a widely requested edit button for its paid subscribers in the coming weeks, the social media company said on Thursday.

This comes after years of debate both internally and externally as to whether the “edit” feature was a good idea for a product known for making posts go viral.

The edit feature will soon be available to users who pay $4.99 per month for a subscription to Twitter Blue.

Edited tweets will have an icon and timestamp to display when the post was last edited. Users will be able to click on the label of an edited tweet to view the edit history and previous versions of the post.

Twitterati who have access to the ‘Edit Tweet' feature will be able to make changes to a tweet about 30 minutes after it is published. It appears Twitter is allowing multiple edits to a tweet during this 30-minute time limit.

Tweets that are edited will carry a label, and others on Twitter will be able to click on the label to see prior versions of the post.

In a blog post, the company said that it is specifically testing the edit button with a small group of users in hopes of quickly resolving possible issues. The edit button will then roll out to Twitter Blue users in the coming weeks.

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